Plan after the Jam

So following the end of the jam, I want to let you know what I have planed for this game.

I will redraw everything. In the jam version I used Aseprite because I tried to use Krita and it felt a little clunky. Now that I have not a deadline I will learn and use Krita to make the sprites and animations like what I had in mind in the first place. Like cartoony. And it will be colored.

I will remodel the house to be a one-story English country style where an old lady lives. And it will be BEAUTIFUL.

I will use a more robust state machine/character controller for the dog and the other entities. Also add a bite mechanic and maybe jump.

I will also add a mechanic where you can go outside the house and perhaps inside. And a night/day cycle.

I predict this project will take me around 1-2 months to accomplish it. Then I will release it as a new free game. If it gains popularity then ill consider making new levels. I don't believe that this game will be of Steam quality but if it gains popularity who knows... ;)

Thanks for reading and happy deving!


A dog's Play in browser
Jun 04, 2023


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Happy to hear! My sons already asked multiple times :D

I'm glad to hear that! I hope that you have explained to him that games take a little bit of time to finish even the simple ones :)

Good Luck! Throw in a story too if you can!


I will try to add different endings that are short stories not just a sentence or two.